New Journal Publication


Recently, a new journal paper from our chair is published.

B. Vogel-Heuser, J. Fischer, S. Feldmann, S. Ulewicz and S. Rösch. "Modularity and Architecture of PLC-based Software for Automated Production Systems: An analysis in industrial companies ," Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), vol. 131, pp. 35-62 [more…]

▪        Overview of the state of the art in industrial software engineering of aPS using PLCs.
▪        Benchmark process to evaluate the maturity of aPS application software.
▪        SWMAT4aPS consists of a self-assessment questionnaire and an expert analysis.
▪        3 Maturity measures: modularity, test/quality assurance and start-up/operation/maintenance.
▪        Weaknesses of aPS software related to mechanics and automation hardware in comparison to pure software identified.

More detailed information about the paper is here.