Institute of Automation and Information Systems

Notes for IT1/2

For all organizational questions on the lecture Information Technology (IT tests, acknowledgement of examinations etc.) please contact the following email address:

For all questions regarding to the content (content, programming in C etc.) please contact a tutor in the respective exercise class or a scientific staff assistant.




Lecture SEFI2: new feature added!

Goal of SEFI2 is getting to know new approaches for the development of industrial systems. Following the engineering process of systems, main research issues are looked into. Especially, from this year, a topic of AUTOMOTIVE...[more]


New J1C2 paper

Recently published journal paper, “modu…”, is introduced in SANER2018 as a J1C2 (Journal First / Conference Second) paper. ▪ Track introduction: This will be presented during the...[more]


New Journal Publication

Recently, a new journal paper from our chair is published. S. Ulewicz and B. Vogel-Heuser. "Increasing System Test Coverage in Production Automation Systems," Control Engineering Practice, vol. 73, no. 1, pp....[more]

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